The Consumers Guide to Portable Heaters, Fans & Air Con units

Best Buys

Tested & Reviewed Recommended best buys. Budget Range for Electric Heaters from under £20. Weekly best buys for discounts and money off offers

Calor Gas Heaters

The Home Heating Shop Guide to Calor Gas Heaters. Different types, how they work, safety and a handy calculator to show how long your gas bottle will last.

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Electric Heaters

The Home Heating Shop Guide to Portable Electric Heaters. The different types, how they work, using them properly and how to find the right one for your needs.

Which Heater

Our Which Heater page shows how to choose the right portable heater for your needs. Use our Calculators to find the right sized heater for your space.

Keeping Cool

Cooling your home in summer: Fans, Air coolers & Portable Air Conditioning Units, what they do, how to use them. Recommended best buys.

Save Energy = Save Money

Cut heating costs and save money on energy bills with our Energy-Saving Tips. Use the Free Energy Helpline to switch suppliers

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