3.9kg Propane gas bottle

Use this page to order from The Calor Gas Shop or you can pick up 15Kg Butane bottles ( Blue ) and 5Kg Patio gas bottles ( Green ) from your local  B&Q and save on delivery charges. Check B&Q here

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Do I need a Cylinder Refill Agreement?
Yes- If you don’t have an empty; 4.5kg or 3.9kg Propane bottle, you will need to purchase a new 3.9kg Propane bottle along with a Cylinder Refill Agreement  which is automatically added to your basket.

No- If you currently have an empty bottle of those listed above then all you need is a gas refill. Simply exchange your empty bottle for your new 3.9kg Propane gas bottle upon delivery.

What is a Cylinder Refill Agreement?
When you first purchase a Calor gas bottle you are issued with a Refill Agreement Charge starting from £39.99. All Calor gas bottles remain Calor’s property for the duration of use and this allows Calor to exchange bottles included in your order with supplies of gas.
Calor will refill gas bottles by providing you with a pre-filled bottle in exchange for the empty bottle.
A bottle can only be exchanged for a similar replacement bottle, within the same category as listed above, otherwise a new cylinder refill agreement will be charged.