Clarke 2.8kW Commercial Grade Utilty Quartz Heater


  • Robust industrial construction
  • Commercial or domestic use
  • Powerful 2.8kW output
  • Large radiating area
  • Anti-tilt switch


Clarke Devils are a range of heaters aimed at the commercial market.

The 370P has an easy grab handle and is on castors for easy mobility, so can easily be moved while it is on, once positioned the castors can lock to prevent it from moving.

It is a dual purpose model designed for both domestic and commercial applications.

Ruggedly constructed with an all industrial steel case, it’s solid enough to deal with knocks and bumps.

It has 2 x 1.4kW infrared tubes and can operate at 1.4kW or 2.8Kw. On the high power 2.8kW output, it radiates over a large floor area quickly heating up anything in front of it.

The one fault is it is only available in bright red if you need a robust halogen heater which delivers some serious heat and don’t mind the colour or in your face logo then it is a solid, reliable, powerful radiant heater at a decent price.

Dimensions: Height 87.5cm, Width 49cm,  Depth 49om  Suitable for the larger room.