Narrows the window gap, keeping warm air and pests out.

  • Simple solution, no fitting needed
  • Easy to assemble
  • Everything included
  • Not for long term use


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Warm Air Exhaust Kit 125mm – 5 inch Diameter with 3 Metres PVC Hose and Window Vent Attachment

For your portable air conditioning unit to work efficiently you need to let the exhaust  hose vent outside, the easiest way to do this is hang it out of a window.

We advise using one of our recommended  air lock or window seal kits to keep out warm air and unwanted pests such as mosquitoes and flies.

Home heating shop air conditioner duct reduction kit
An example of using the duct reduction kit

If you find these too fiddly or just need a short term simple solution, then you need to keep the window gap as narrow as possible.

This  ducting reduction  kit does that  by  reducing the size of the ducting outlet into a rectangular nozzle that you can fit through a narrow  window opening.

The kit has a 12.5cm diameter 3 meter collapsible  heat and cold  resistant (-5°c to 70°c) ducting hose, an angled reducer, a rectangular exhaust nozzle and large jubilee style clips to join everything together.

Note: By reducing the size of the ducting pipe down to 10 cm it restricts exhaust air flow and will cause the Air Conditioners motor to work  harder to expel the hot air. This may result in your appliance cutting out to periodically to prevent overheating.

 Therefore we do not recommend this product as a long term solution or to be used for a long period of time.

Make sure that this hose is the right diameter for use on  your appliance before ordering.

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