Birchwood Rhino 2.8k Thermo – Quartz Radiant Heater

  • Robust Industrial quality
  • British made
  • 2.8kW
  • Temperature up to 1000ºC
  • Replaceable Quartz tubes
  • Shock resistant


Rhino H029400 - TQ3 Modern Heavy Duty Infrared Patio & Site Heater 240V
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Img - B007VVOG1A

Rhino H029400 – TQ3 Modern Heavy Duty Infrared Patio & Site Heater 240V

The Rhino is designed for industrial use so it is robust, durable and long lasting. With 2 x 1.4 kW infrared elements it can be used on either 1 (1.4 kW) or 2 bars (2.8 kW).

Because it plugs into a standard 13 amp wall socket, is nicely styled and at 42.72″ high, 21.65″ wide and 22.05″ deep is about the same size as a Calor gas cabinet, we find it ideal for use in the home.

It will radiate heat across 12 square meters of floor space so is suitable for larger rooms. It has a large handle and wheels for easy movement.

It does not have an anti-tilt cutout but is very difficult to overturn due to the large base and low centre of gravity.

There is also a much lighter, smaller version the Rhino Junior It has the same 2 bar, 2.8Kw output, and is built to commercial specifications, but as it has no tilt protection, it is not suitable for areas where pets, children or foot traffic may knock it over.

Note: This is hotter than traditional domestic bar heaters so a greater safety distance is needed between the rhino and objects (Furniture, people etc…)

 Replacement tubes are  available.

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