Butane Gas Regulator & Gauge

  • 37 mbar Butane Regulator
  • 21mm push fit
  • Built in level  gauge
  • Conforms to EN12864 ( BS EN 16129:2013 )


Butane Gas Regulator With Leak & Level Gauge Dial Manometer 21mm Clip On Caravan Camping BBQ

Don’t get caught out, keep an eye on your gas bottle level with this replacement regulator with a built in gauge.

This is a single stage Butane gas regulator preset to 37mbar and conforming to to EN12864. ( BS EN 16129:2013 )

This is a push fit regulator, the type that you put on top of the bottle and push down to lock, it is not a replacement for screw fit regulators.

On some older style gas bottles there may not be enough room to fit this type of regulator with the attached gauge within the handle /shroud area, it is about 11cm wide.

Please check that this regulator is suitable your gas bottles fitting.

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