• Multifunctional stove and grill
  • Stove power: 2 x 2,300 W
  • Grill: 1,100 W
  • Operates off: Campingaz and other butane cylinders
  • Runtime: Up to 8 hours on Campingaz R 907


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Campingaz Chef Folding Double Burner Stove and Grill, compact gas cooker for camping or festivals.

If you’re looking for something to use to cook a family meal on because your cooker is out of action you will need something reliable, well-built and designed to do much more than heat up a tin of beans.

Campingaz® products are instinctive and inspired, simple yet clever solutions based on over 60 years of expertise.

Trusted by generations of campers, a trust that has been earned by creating safe, reliable products that never fail to deliver, time and time again, so who better to turn to than the experts who actually invented the portable gas cooker?

With  94% of our buyers rating it between 3 and 5 stars and  66.7% giving it the top 5-star rating this popular portable stove seems to be doing the job.

This is a robust unit designed for the knocks and trails of outdoor life so is more than capable of being used as a stand-in main cooker.

It has 2 x 2.3 Kilowatt gas burners and a 1.1 Kilowatt ceramic radiant grill, that’s enough power to cook a chicken casserole, fry a steak, grill burgers or just make some delicious cheese on toast.

A standard Campingaz 2.7 Kg R907 gas cylinder will give you about 8 hours burn time for the cooking rings only & about 6 hours 30 mins if the grill is used as well.

The cooker comes with clips and tubing but you will need to buy a separate regulator, we recommend buying some M00 jubilee clips from your local hardware store as the ones supplied seem a little flimsy to us.

Our advice on using this stove: As this cooker comes without a regulator we advise getting one suitable for a Calor gas cylinder, Campingaz cylinders are more expensive and the one recommended for this cooker, the Campingaz R907, will cost about £20 and contains 2.7Kg of gas, a 4.5kg  Calor gas bottle will cost about £15 and give you nearly twice the burn time.

This stove will work with either Calor Butane (blue bottles) or  Calor Propane (red bottles) but you must use the correct regulator as you need different ones for each type of Gas.

You need a Red regulator for Propane such as this broil-master® BBQG01-ZBH-02UK Gas Pressure Regulator Reduction Hose Kit

 You need a blue regulator for Butane such as this Boiling Ring Hose Kit with Screw on Butane Regulator for 4.5Kg Butane

Cooking:- Warming food, turn the burner up to full heat and turn it a little more the flame will lessen and you get a   get a stable low flame ideal for slow cooking or warming food.

The Grill sits a little low so putting something hard flat and flameproof under the pan raises it near the heat (we used some ceramic tiles)  and your bread will get toasted a lot quicker.

Dimensions: L52.5 x W31 x H22 cm Weight: 5.8 kg

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