Champion 8.5kW home back up Generator


  • Automatically cuts in if your electricity fails
  • Can use LPG or natural gas
  • will start at -30°C
  • 10 year Guarantee


Tired of power cuts every winter and the disruption they cause?

A Champion Home Standby Generator offers a simple solution to all of these problems by giving your home a permanent source of backup power.

In the event of a power cut this generator automatically starts and delivers continuous electrical power to your home. Since it is connected to your LPG or natural gas system it never needs refueling.

Your Champion Home Standby Generator is your safety backup, there to keep the lights on, the water hot, the fridge cold and the TV tuned in.

There is also a 12.5kW model available

*Please Note: In order to validate the 10 year warranty the Installation works should either be carried out by one of Champions range of approved Installation Companies, or if a customer chooses to arrange their own installation, then the machine would need to be inspected & “commissioned” by one of their installers.