•  Fully remote controlled heater.
  • Digital display with easy use touch controls.
  • 3 power settings 1 Kw, 2 KW and 2.5 Kw.
  • Adjustable thermostat.
  • 18 hour programmable timer.
  • Thermal overload cut out (which turns the heater off if it overheats).
  • Anti tilt cut out which switches it off if it is knocked over.
  • There is power cord storage.
  • Cool touch handles and wheels, which enable you to safely move the heater while it is hot.


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Duronic Heater HV102 with Mica Panels | 2.5kW | Electric | Radiant and Convection | Micathermic | Convector Heater with Thermostat | 2 Heat Settings | Oil Free | Remote Control | Digital Display | Heats up in 1 Minute

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This is a well finished and nicely styled heater with a host of useful functions. Although not strictly speaking a pure convection heater as it uses a fair   This heater has its elements enclosed in an array of angled mica panels which deliver 2.5 Kw of heat, as well as drawing air over the panels to create a convection current the perforated casing allows the heater to maximize heat output by radiating heat into the room.

This model can be supplied as a manually operated without the remote control function as The Duronic HV101

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