Elnur Gabarron Heat Emitters

The best Oil Filled Radiators on the market

  • 10 year guarantee
  • Full digital control with multi readout
  • Fully Programmable, daily & weekly
  • Built-in electronic thermostats
  • Onboard Energy saving management system
  • Wireless management option


Gabarron Emitters Heat Emitter – rf-12e Digital 1500 W

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Elnur produce a range of premium quality wall hung ‘Thermo Fluid’ (low viscosity oil) filled radiators, under the name Gabarron ‘heat emitters’ ideal for fixed fitting in places where you would normally hang a central heating radiator.

Designed to use instead of a gas or oil fired central heating system, multi radiator installations can be ‘smartlinked’ via a windows program, or you can just use one as a standalone unit.

Loaded with high tech programmable  controls, sensors and energy management systems they are a very good alternative to storage heaters for all electric houses.

The radiator featured here is the 1.5Kw model from the RFE range, which have a digital control system.

There are also the RF8E 1Kw and RF14E 2Kw, the standard height of these models is 58 Cm.

There are also a range of compact models at 43 Cm high suitable for hanging under windows. The RFC9E 1Kw, RFC11E 1.25 Kw and the RFC14E 1.5Kw.

All Gabarron radiators are guaranteed for 10 years.

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