Honeywell HZ435E 360° Ceramic Fan Heater

Warms the whole room at once

  • 360° heat spread, cover the whole room from one position
  • 180° setting for use  against a wall
  • 1.8Kw with 2 settings, 1.2Kw & 1.8Kw
  • PTC Ceramic element
  • Anti-tilt switch.
  • Digital controller with intelligent  thermostat.
  • Timer with preset function


Honeywell HZ435E Surround Ceramic Fan Heater
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Honeywell HZ435E Surround Ceramic Fan Heater

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This Innovative design lets the heater warm the whole room from the center.

This upright cylindrical  fan heater  pumps  hot air out in a 360° circle, you can put it in the middle of a room and it will blow warm air in all directions.

The heater has a PTC ceramic element with 2 heat settings (1.2kw & 1.8kw)  an adjustable intelligent  thermostat which boosts power to bring the heat up to the set temperature quickly, there is a  timer function which will switch the heater off after a preset time (1.2.4 or 8 hours) and  a thermal safety cut out to prevent overheating.

The cool touch molded carry handle and light weight make it very portable while the anti tilt switch cuts it out immediately should it get  knocked over.

The controls are a little tricky and operated from the digital control panel on the front of the unit, with an energy monitor, room temperature indicator, constant heat and  preset comfort settings, as well as the preset timers it is advised that you read the manual first before operating it.

This fan heater is a little more noisy than we would like at 58db (about as loud as background conversation in an office or restaurant) and is  not suitable for the playroom or children’s bedroom as the grill does get very hot in use.

Dimensions: Height 48.6 cm, Width 22.6 cm (dia). Weighs approx 2.5 Kg.

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