Stunning design and Quiet enough for the bedroom

  • Powerful and quiet
  • Five speeds/levels of quiet control
  • “White noise” oscillation for wide area cooling
  • LED controls with remote control
  • 1,2,4 or 8 hour auto shut-off timer
  • Adjustable height


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Honeywell QuietSet Stand Fan

Honeywell has very nearly  produced the perfect pedestal fan, very stylishly designed with all the functions to make it extremely user friendly without overdoing the gadgetry.

They’ve given it a 5 speed setting from whisper quiet, so quiet you can put it next to your bed, up to turbo blast. The  dB range is from 41 to 52

You can use the very attractively designed touch control panel on the front of the stand or use the remote control, after all who wants to get up out of their easy chair or bed to turn the fan speed up, down or off

There is an auto timer so you can set it to turn off after 1,3,4 or 8 hours

 The grill is easy to remove for cleaning.

When we said almost perfect we have 2 issues with the fan, the first is like most pedestal fans nowadays is you have to do assemble part of it yourself, this can be fiddly, but at least you don’t need any tools with this one.

The second is we can only think that someone at Honeywell just wasn’t thinking, this fan is wonderfully quiet, ideal for the bedroom, but why when you use the remote control does the fan respond with a loud annoying bleep

Not an issue on a long sunny afternoon, but when your half awake at 3am on a sultry night and want to jack up the speed press the remote and BEEP.

 But even with this fault it is an absolutely brilliant fan one of the very best we have tested

Dimensions: Adjustable height 100 – 120 cm, Width 55cm, Depth 55cm. Weight 6.7Kg.

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