Lifestyle Mini Catalytic Cabinet Heater

  • Compact
  • Converts 98%+ gas to heat
  • No carbon monoxide emissions
  • Great for caravans & RVs
  • 2kW or 1.5kW models


Mini Catalytic Heater

Catalytic gas heaters convert 98% -100% of gas to heat and produce no Carbon monoxide, making this Lifestyle mini heater an ideal small space and caravan heater.

There are two models both with a single heat setting, choose the 1.5kW or 2kW model.

Both have automatic ignition, cylinder back support, castors, oxygen depletion system and flame failure device.

Dimensions: Width: 35cm Depth (with back support): 39cm Depth (without back support): 32cm Height: 60cm.

 Nb: Calor gas heaters must only be used in suitable ventilated spaces.

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