Magnetic Gas Bottle Indicator Gauge

A cheap handy gadget to keep a check on your bottle level

  • Works with Butane or Propane bottles
  • Self adhesive and reusable


Here are a selection of  handy magnetic level indicators, you stick one on the bottle and it tells you how much gas you have left.

If you your bottles are kept outside ( IE. propane for your cooker ) choose an indicator  that  gives  both  winter and summer readings.

This is because the gas in your bottle is stored  liquid form and  gets more dense in the winter, so the level drops, a single reading indicator will give a false reading in the winter

Do not place over bottle seams as will  stops the indicator  from working properly.

Please note: These indicators are for guidance only and are not 100% accurate. For greater accuracy use a bottle gauge.

We advise reading the reviews before buying.