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  • RCD circuit breaker for  240- volt appliances
  • Power-cut safety feature
  • Maximum load 3120 watts
  • Home appliance spike protection
  • Conforms to BS7071



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Img - B000RZDNZM
Img - B000RZDNZM

Masterplug Single Socket RCD Safety Adaptor, 112 x 72.3 x 50.5 mm, Black

This adaptor fits between your appliance and the socket.

Safety RCD adaptor for added protection against the risk of electric shock.

It instantly cuts the power in the event of an earth connection leakage.

It is non-latching, therefore power needs to be reset at each use and it is ideal for home appliance spike protection.

Maximum load 3120 watts (3.12kW)

 Dimensions: Height 5.5cm, Width 13cm, Length 20.5cm

An RCD is designed to protect against the risks of electrocution and fire caused by earth faults.  For example, if a faulty appliance overheats causing the electric current to flow to earth. It does not offer complete protection and in certain circumstances may only operate after a fire has already started in your appliance.

You should test all fixed and socket RCDs about every three months. Manufacturers recommend that portable RCDs are tested every time you use them.

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