• Probably the worlds best upright fan heater
  • Adaptive Heat™ Technology
  • 8 heat settings + auto mode
  • Splash-proof
  • Remote control
  • Oscillation mode
  • 2-year guarantee


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Img - B013OY341U

Stadler Form Fan Heater Paul with modern PTC Ceramic Heating Element, Heats and Cools, with 8 Heat Levels, White

This is probably the best upright fan heater in the world winner of the German design award 2017.

Unlike most fan heaters Paul is  IP2/1 rated making suitable for bathroom use as well.

This ceramic (PTC) 2kW upright fan heater has a unique Adaptive Heat™ technology makes it more sensitive than any other fan heater. In auto mode, it automatically adapts the heat output to maintain the desired degree of heat – no annoying on-off fluctuations; just soft maintenance of the temperature: gentle, quiet and dynamic (oscillation mode).

It’s very quiet too, as well as the muted fans there is no switching on and off at full power at 30dB it’s one of the quietest fan heaters we’ve tested.

Instead of using auto you can adjust the desired temperature using the easy-to-operate touch panel or the remote control. There are 8 heat settings, unlike most other fan heaters which have 2 or 3.

Cool air function:

The internal construction is designed so that the airflow from the heating element is obstructed as minimally as possible,  making it a pretty decent fan as well.

There is a removable washable  air filter, anti-tilt switch and overheat protection

Suitable for rooms up to 73m3

 Dimensions: Height 53.6cm, Width 17.7cm, Depth 18.9cm. Weight 4.7kg

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