Trotec extra large window seal

Airlock seal for balcony doors & large windows

  • Use for balcony doors
  • Use for floor to ceiling windows
  • Max 590 cm perimeter
  • Fits all casement ( Hinged ) windows& doors
  • Use for 1 or 2 hose models
  • Translucent Washable fabric


TROTEC AirLock 1000 Door and Window Seal for portable air conditioners and tumble dryers.
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TROTEC AirLock 1000 Door and Window Seal for portable air conditioners and tumble dryers.

These are the Trotec airlock window seals, they are fitted exactly the same way as the Jayooo ones we review in this recommenced product section.

A fabric seal is attached to the window frame by velcro strips and the ducting hoses are held  place by zips.

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Measuring your opening for the Trotec 1000

The Trotec 1000 is for extra large openings such as balcony doors and floor to ceiling tilt and turn windows. It has two zip openings, if you need just one the other can be completely closed.  It has a maximum perimeter size of 560cm, more than enough for most doors.

To work out the size measure the height and width of the edges of the gap, depending if its a swing or  or tilt  opening. If it is 560cm or less the Trotec 1000 will cover the gap.

There are two other models.

The 100: With a single zip opening   for appliances that  use a single ducting hose for the exhaust.

The 200: With 2 zip openings for appliances that  use 2 hoses, one to draw air in from outside, one for exhaust.

Both are for windows openings openings with a maximum perimeter of 400cm

Once fitted the windows can be  closed without removing the window seal.

All Trotec airlock seals are for casement (hinged ) openings  only, not suitable for sliding windows or doors

Some models are cheaper to buy direct from Trotec, but they add on a hefty £21.10 delivery charge so we advise buying via Amazon

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