Weber iGrill

Weber iGrills and  extra probes

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Weber® are the worlds No.1 Barbecue grill maker and have produced this handy little gadget to make garden grilling easier.

Time & temperature are the key to successful grilling.

 Take your eye off the grill and you risk:

  • Too high a temperature and you get charred food on the outside and raw inside or carbonized veg and ‘shoe leather’ steaks.
  • Too low and instead of a crispy coated juicy chop or steak you get a dry chewy mess.
  • Too little time = Raw food
  • Too much time = Burnt food

Grilling just got a lot easier with  Weber® iGrill Bluetooth® thermometers.

 Easy to use you just:

  1. Download the iGrill App, your dashboard for all Weber iGrill connected products. This is where you track your foods progress, set up grilling notifications, select preset grill times, and take advantage of everything else iGrill has to offer.
  2. Insert the temperature probe(s) into your meat and track your food remotely  from your smart phone on the Weber iGrill app, you don’t even have to lift the lid to check.

The Weber iGrill app tracks cooking  and temperature on your phone, so you can check on your food at any time, without missing the party fun.

  • iGrill Mini 1 probe
  • iGriill2 can take 4 probes, 2 are included
  • iGrill3 4 probes included. Comparable with Weber® Genesis® II and Genesis® II LX Grills on board systems.