Stops intrusion of warm  air, moisture and pests

  • Up to 400 cm window perimeter
  • Suitable for casement (hinged) windows.
  • Easy to install
  • Resilient, water-repellent material
  • Suitable for all mobile air conditioners and dehumidifiers


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Aozzy Window Seal for Portable Air Conditioner/Tumble Dryer, Works with Any Mobile A/C Unit, Stop Hot Air Coming, Easy to Install, No Need for Drilling (Window Seal 400CM-White)

Please note: this product is not suitable for sliding windows, it is designed for casement (hinged) windows only.

For your portable air conditioning unit to work efficiently you need to let the exhaust  hose vent outside, the easiest way to do this is hang it out of a window.

But if you have an open window in the space you are trying to keep cool, warm air will be drawn in and the air conditioner is going to work harder to maintain the room temperature and use more energy.

You can also let unwanted pests such as mosquitoes, flies and next doors cat into the room

The  solution is to use a window seal, this covers the gap left by an open window while allowing the exhaust hose vent outside safely.

The Joyoo airlock window seal is a simple solution, it uses  a zip up fabric seal attached to the window frame with Velcro. The fabric is  waterproof enough to repel a light shower.

To use:  Peel the backing off the sticky side of the Velcro strip, cut it into the required lengths, stick them around the  window frames and then attach the fabric,  zip up  around the exhaust hose to create a seal.

It can be fiddly,  but take a little care when fitting  and  we’ve found it works very well. It took our tester about 10 minutes to measure, cut and attach the Velcro then carefully fit the fabric.

There is enough Velcro and material supplied for an opening with a perimeter (the distance all around the frame) of about 4 meters.

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